June 11, 2015


A rest day, at last. Some of the group went to Friedrichshafen to visit the Zeppelin Museum—by bicycle. Some just don't need a rest day.

I, on the other hand, was happy to have a day off the bike. It was a perfect opportunity to explore Lindau, and a beautiful day for it. Equipped with a pamphlet highlighting historic sights, I headed first for the harbor.

View of Lindau, from the Mangturm to the church towers, from the new lighthouse, Lindau, Germany
I climbed to the top of the “new” lighthouse, the perfect place to admire the town. The roof tiles of the 13th-century Mangturm (old lighthouse) glistened in the sunlight.

Frescoes inside the Peterskirche, Lindau, Germany
I found the Peterskirche, more than 1,000 years old and now a war memorial. Another visitor flipped the switch to illuminate the frescoes (aha!), and then I understood he wanted me to switch off the lights when I was done.

Diebsturm (tower), Lindau, Germany
The Diebsturm, nearby, must have been especially punishing when it served as a prison.

Lindavia Fountain, Lindau, Germany
I found the Lindavia Fountain, and admired the interior of the Stephanskirche with its 200-year-old pews.

Pews and stained-glass window panels, Stephanskirche, Lindau, Germany
The bookworm in me was awed by the books on display in the old town hall, including 17th century editions of works by Copernicus and Kepler. Facsimile copies of some books were laid out for anyone to turn the pages. Originals were behind glass, climate-controlled; but what a rare treat to see them!

17th century edition of Kepler's logarithm tables, Lindau, Germany
My route was far from efficient: along the way, I did some shopping and met up with one of the guys from our group for lunch in a Biergarten near the harbor. By the time I was done, my walking tour had covered nearly seven miles.

View of the lion and new lighthouse at entrance to Lindau harbor, Lindau, Germany

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