September 15, 2018

Reigning on Reynolds

It's not just me. Reynolds is the longest 1.2 miles known to man. Or woman. It was unanimous.

Two riders watching Ms. C arrive at the top of Reynolds Road, Almaden, California
That's Ms. C summiting. We all made it, and I was definitely stronger than on my last ascent. Today, I pedaled to the top without pausing. It was hard, but not horrible.

View of golden hills, the city of San Jose, and the Diablo Range from Reynolds Road, Almaden, California
I reserved my photo-taking for the descent. The smoke has cleared out, giving us a birds-eye view of the valley—that's downtown San Jose in the photo, with the Diablo Range in the hazy distance.

View of the summit of Mt. Hamilton framed by trees along Reynolds Road, Almaden, California
And Mt. Hamilton. The domes of the observatory beckoned (though they're likely not too visible in this photo). I need to pay another visit this season, before the weather turns too chilly.

Normally I don't stop on a downhill, but this downhill is tricky (and fast). Autumn is upon us, and the deer are out. I spotted eight of them along the way, including one standing on Reynolds. None of us wanted to be taken by surprise (hence, the caution).

The turkeys were out, too. Four had started to cross the road as we approached, but something in their pea-brains convinced them to turn back. Pro tip: You don't want to collide with a turkey, either.

Seven wild turkeys heading up a driveway along Shannon Road, near Los Gatos, California
Later, we stopped to study a small flock; two were perched on the fence before I startled them, hurrying across the road to snap a photo as an ill-timed truck approached.

Technology failed me today, so no map to share: 19 miles, 1,795 feet of climbing. Our group of six was well-matched; all pleased to get out for a healthy (but short) challenge.

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