June 2, 2018

Short and Shady

The rest of the group planned some challenging climbs, which (today) would be grueling in the heat.

Hills reflected in the calm water of Lexington Reservoir, view from the dam, Los Gatos, California
I opted for the easiest climb, with a nice loop around the reservoir to cover some distance.

I eyed the redwoods towering over my head, across the ravine. I had to look down to see the base of the trees, and up (way up) to see the tops. They're that tall.

Redwood grove on Aldercroft Heights Road, Los Gatos, California
Far from the bustle of the valley, far from the highway packed with people heading for the coast for a respite from the heat, I reveled in the deep shade of a redwood grove. Moments of bliss, with just the sound of the birds and the creek tumbling over rocks.

An itty-bitty ride, just 12 miles with 1,115 of climbing.

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