May 19, 2018

Sky High

Fog rolling in over the coastal hills as viewed from Skyline Boulevard, Los Gatos, California
The rest of the group had ambitions to climb some popular hills to the north. Knowing that I would quickly be dropped, I was less keen on spending a few hours alone on one of the busier stretches of Skyline.

I headed south, solo. Less traffic (once you're past the entrance to Castle Rock State Park). The park was busier than usual, evidently hosting some event. Land has been cleared for the future entrance, but the pace of progress is slow. It's been more than two years since I led a bunch of volunteers hauling out debris that had been left on the grounds of the former Christmas tree farm.

New section of road along Skyline Boulevard spanning a new gully, Los Gatos, California
I was most curious about the road repairs necessitated by the harsh storms of the 2016-2017 winter. A portion of the road washed out then, undermined by the development of a new gully.

View of Skyline Boulevard and a new retaining wall as viewed from the bridge over the new gully, Los Gatos, California
I shared the road with a few cyclists (and fewer cars), climbing some 1,945 feet over 21 miles of peace. And quiet.

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