March 19, 2014

Make It a Double

Vasona Park Bridge, near dusk.
Today was the day.

Daylight Savings Time took effect a couple of weeks ago, but my first attempt to enjoy a round-trip commute had been thwarted by a late meeting.

I am not a big fan of DST; waking up in the dark is a struggle. I wish we could just leave the clocks alone. But now that we have sprung forward, there is ample daylight for my long ride home. My headlight and its battery pack have been stowed away for the season, and I treated the oft-neglected commute bike to a thorough cleaning and fresh lube over the weekend.

In celebration, I climbed a familiar gratuitous hill this evening and spotted a doe trotting down the middle of the street, heading for the open area at the end.

This morning, my ears were cold and my legs were leaden; even though I rode home at a slower pace, I felt stronger. For the day, the usual 39 miles and 980 feet of climbing.

Just the way I like it.

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  1. Bicycle commuting is remarkably restorative. With limited daylight, my current commute is only 11 miles, although the morning is almost all uphill. I pass through farm fields and a nature preserve on, variously, a paved surface, cobbles and dirt. In the owl preserve, I heard an owl hoot one morning. I look forward having more time to explore alternative paths with longer days.