March 26, 2013

Trendy Tuesday

A bike is a bike is a bike, right? Why would you need more than one?

I log most of my miles on my sporty carbon diamond-frame road bike (about 14,000 miles, to date). My trusty steel frame hybrid pre-dates my road bike and is perfect for long commute rides to work.

My third bike, an aluminum triangle-frame folding model, is a little indulgence. It is just right for short trips that involve mass transit.

You see, I rarely drive to work; I am fortunate to rely on a commuter shuttle that stops in my town, zips down the carpool lane along the rush-hour-clogged freeways, and drops me off in front of my building. In the evening, lather/ rinse/ reverse.

Technically, I am off the bike for awhile. Walking to the shuttle stop was possible, but painful and slow. Driving to the shuttle stop was possible, but awkward and slow. (Commuter traffic. School traffic.) Biking to the shuttle stop? Easy and quick.

Herewith, in homage to my friend and stylish cyclist Ladyfleur, I present Trendy Tuesday.

The belt drive on the STRiDA is designed to overcome the greasy-chain prohibitions against carrying a bike on a bus or train; it also keeps my gray dress slacks neat and clean. A chunky scarf not only livens up a basic ivory sweater—it is a practical touch on a chilly spring morning.

No need for special cycling shoes with these platform pedals. Black is certainly the most versatile shoe color, and the open-toe design of these surgical shoes incites me to show off a color-coordinated pair of patterned socks. Reflectors on the pedals and wheels keep me safely visible on the short ride home during the fall and winter, along with an added rear red LED blinkie. Disc brakes stop the bike's little wheels on a dime.

With an elastic cord at the ready, the rear rack is handy for a quick visit to the grocery store on the way home. A traditional messenger bag is indispensable for carrying a laptop and other necessities of daily (work)life. This water-resistant design by Alchemy Goods is made of recycled bicycle inner tubes, with a strap fashioned from a recycled seat belt and a former Presta valve as a zipper pull.

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